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Radiology - Diagnostic Elective Information

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Course No: MEDIC 9934-C71
Elective: Radiology - Diagnostic
Category: Clinical
Department: Radiology
Last updated: 06/05/2009
Institution name:
UMKC SOM/Truman Medical Center-Health Sciences District
2301 Holmes  
  Kansas City, MO 64108  
Phone Number: 8164040751  
Contact Person: Andrea McQueen  
Instructor Name: Natasha Acosta, MD  
Academic Appointment: Associate Professor / Assistant Professor
Specialty Certification: Radiology
Scheduling - Contact:
Mailing Address:

UMKC students contact their Educational Team Coordinators; Domestic MD and DO visiting students apply through VSLO at
Primarily Based: Hospital
Stipend?: NO
Housing?: NO
Meals?: NO
Interview?: NO
Duration of Elective: 1 Months
Maximum # of Students: 3
Year Level: MS VI
Is Call Expected?: NO
If "Yes", then frequency:

Prerequisites: YES - Yr 4 DoRo
Post-Placement Contact and Attending Physician Contact Information:
Dept. Contact Person:
Andrea McQueen
Phone: 816-404-0752 Email:
Attending Physician: Phone:    
Elective Start Time/Location:      
Start Day: First weekday of month Start Time: 9:00AM
Location: Image Viewing Room (H2-D13), Second floor, west corridor, Truman Medical Center, Hospital Hill
Elective Schedule Information:
Educational Objectives: 1. Develop the ability to order radiological studies appropriately with an understanding of the indications, contraindications, and clinical impact of each (Risk vs. Benefit)
2. Recognition of major abnormalities on chest x-rays of ICU patients
3. Recognition of common traumatic injuries
4. Recognize normal from abnormal radiographs in an emergency setting
5. Learn the basics of imaging such as radiographic densities, positioning, differences in the modalities
6. Develop a differential diagnosis and outline subsequent diagnostic work-ups for common problems based on imaging
7. Develop an understanding of the terminology used in the description of diagnostic images
8. Understand the importance of team approach between the radiologists and the clinicians
Teaching Methods:   Method of Evaluation:
Outpatient Office Visits: %
Hospital Rounds Inpatient Care: %
Operating Room: %
Laboratory: %
Lecture Conferences: %
Other Teaching Methods: %


If other: Film review, procedure observation


% Hands On Training: 0

% Observation Only: 100

Additional Comments:    
Please specify if you would like to do ultrasound 100% when you sign up for this elective

Summary of Daily Activities:

Monday - Friday a.m. - 7:30 - 8 - Conference; 8 - 11 - Film Review/Procedure observation
Monday & Friday p.m. - 12 noon - 1 - Conference
Monday & Tuesday p.m. - 1 - 5 - Film Review
Wednesday p.m. - 3:30 - 4:30 - Conference
Thursday - Friday p.m. - 3 - 4 - Conference